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three parent ivf: should we be scared ???

The media have termed the use of cytoplasmic material from another party in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Three Parent IVF.  The rationale for using cytoplasmic material from a third party (egg) is to obtain the mitochondria.  Some Intended Parents cannot have children or want to have children due to inherited mitochondrial diseases.  This technique brings hope to those Intended Parents with mitochondrial diseases.

The topic is not new, it is only getting new media and public attention.

Some media reports on the topic make it sound scary, or ethically incorrect and akin to genetic engineering.  The New York Times has just published a reasonably balanced article(link is external) with minimal drama, on the subject along with the history of the practice.  Omega Family Global follows these scientific developments and their regulation.  If you have any questions on this subject, email drkramer@omegafamilyglobal.com.