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thailand surrogacy situation hits global news: preventable conundrum

PregWomanStomachBowPreviously Omega Family Global has blogged about the ethics and best practices in surrogacy.  We have advised many potential clients to not go abroad for new family creation where laws and best practices are less stringent.

This past week has seen many news outlets reporting on the tragic story of the young Thai surrogate and the Downs Syndrome baby supposedly left behind by the Intended Australian parents.  One story on the topic can be found here (Reuters).  It also seems some early reports on this case did not accurately report the situation.

California laws and best practices prevent such tragedies from taking place.  Regarding best practices; in the United States, most Intended Parents have pre-implantation genetic testing done on embryos to assure such a case does not occur.

Added Note: Downs Syndrome is a condition whereby a partial or complete copy of the 21stchromosome is present.  It is also known as trisomy 21 and the condition typically manifests as delays in physical growth, specific facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability.