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Extensive Glossary

Omega Family Global is a comprehensive Southern California agency that provides surrogates, guidance, services, experience, and knowledge to Intended Parents, originating from any state or country. It arranges and manages everything needed, including finding and managing a surrogate, legal services, and fertility services, for family creation with proven experience. Omega Family Global guidance and knowledge cover both legal issues and areas of assisted reproduction. A reproductive biologist and a lawyer manage Omega Family Global. It is the only and last place you need to contact to start your new family. Contact us for your family completion solution.

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What Omega Family Global Does for Intended Parents

While legal work is a component of assisted reproductive technology and new family creation, it is just one of the many aspects needed. Omega Family Global is here to assemble your assisted reproductive technology and associated components (surrogate, IVF clinic, legal services) under one umbrella, manage it for you, and see your goal to the end. Omega Family Global manages any and all financial arrangements with other parties.

The list below is just a small sample of services typically needed for intended parents.

  1. Obtain visas for intended parents to visit California, if needed
  2. Make travel arrangements (hotels, rental car, airfare)
  3. Provide legal consultation on the aspects of assisted reproductive technology proposed
  4. Arrange for egg donation
  5. Make arrangements for sperm donation
  6. Obtain a surrogate
  7. Obtain medical screening for people providing donated eggs or sperm
  8. Provide legal consultation to donors and intended parents
  9. Draft all legal agreements necessary for donations
  10. Draft all legal agreements for a surrogate
  11. Obtain all insurance needed for a surrogate
  12. Source fertility clinics
  13. Obtain birth certificate with intended parents’ name
  14. Obtain passport(s) for baby
  15. Obtain and interface with attorneys in country of intended parents
  16. Coordinate and manage travel arrangements
  17. Transport baby to intended parents

Even if you are only thinking about using assisted reproductive technology and/or a surrogate mother, contact Omega Family Global with any questions you might have.

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Why California

California is the world’s favored jurisdiction to create a child through assisted reproductive technology (ART) and/or us of a surrogate. This is due to the progressive nature of the California legislature and legal system (laws). The laws in California are clear on these matters and numerous fertility clinics are located here due to the legal and business climate. The use of surrogates and assisted reproductive technology are highly accepted and hence many people are willing to donate eggs, sperm, or serve as a surrogate.

In close proximity to associated service providers, Omega Family Global is located in Southern California. Any intended parent needing any service related to new family creation will be close to the supporting agencies and services needed for new family creation. The weather and local attractions also make Southern California a desired destination.

What Omega Family Global Provides

Omega Family Global’s guidance and knowledge provides intended parents with peace of mind. We provide experience and all components needed for new family creation.

Omega Family Global creates and manages complete turnkey solutions from providing immigration (visa) papers for intended parents, to selecting fertility clinics and surrogate agencies, providing transportation and taking the baby to the parents in another country. Omega Family Global will guide you from start, to the birth of your baby, and delivery to you in your country (if needed).

Omega Family Global accomplishes its mission by leveraging  existing relationships with a local and global network of infertility solution provides. Omega Family Global knows what is needed and at what step of the route. On Omega Family Global staff are attorneys and a doctor of reproductive biology. This ensures absolute professionalism and proper guidance. You will not be alone on your path to new family creation. Why not let our team remove your stress and manage all the details of your journey to a new family?

Omega Family Global simplifies and streamlines the process for intended parents by providing guidance, information, knowledge, and connections to a global network of surrogates, donors, agencies, IVF physicians, insurance providers, nannies, lawyers and concierge services.

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Omega Family Global Practices and Principles

  1. Observe and monitor all government (FDA CDC) guidelines.
  2. Follow and observe American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM.org) best practices.
  3. Follow and observe Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART.org) and the National Coalition for Oversight of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (NCOART) best practices.
  4. Monitor and observe the United States Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (http://www.bioethics.gov/).
  5. Guide and shape the United States surrogacy industry by being first in class and on the forefront of establishing best industry practices.
  6. Treat all intended parents with the highest level of integrity, dignity, and respect, regardless of religion or sexual preference.
  7. Absolute honesty in guiding clients through the process. Always being straightforward about costs and best options using the clients needs as the guideline.
  8. Absolute transparency with all clients regarding all steps of the new family creation process.
  9. Only work with FDA monitored and reporting IVF clinics.
  10. Not compromise on deliverables due to cost and deliver only best in class service.
  11. Practice absolute confidentiality with clients.
  12. Operate completely within the laws of California and intended parent jurisdictions.

Unscrupulous Business Warning Signs For Intended Parents

The warning signs appearing on this list has been compiled from our intended parents clients who were considering working with less reputable agencies prior to working with Omega Family Global.

  1. The agency wants your deposit money before producing a legal (retainer) agreement
  2. The agency is headquartered in a country or state where surrogacy is not legal or is unregulated
  3. Intended parents are not entitled a legal consultation before committing money or signing any agreements
  4. The agency will not commit in writing as to all they will provide
  5. Surrogates are not medically and psychologically screened
  6. Surrogate identify is kept secret or you are not permitted to meet your potential surrogate
  7. Agency does not incorporate health and life insurance into the surrogate cost
  8. The associated or participating IVF clinic is not FDA inspected or reporting to the CDC
  9. The intended surrogate does not have her own children
  10. You are not advised about the probabilities for success with your planned route of new family creation
  11. Intended parents are using third party reproduction, but have no legal agreements protecting their parental rights

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Please visit our FAQ section for more valuable information

NOTE: Omega Family Global provides general direction, education, and management. Omega Family Global does not provide medical or legal advice on fertility; it connects intended parents to fertility physicians and attorneys.