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researchers find new fertility drug more effective than the standard used for past 40 years

Syring NeedlesResearchers from seven different academic centers recruited 750 couples undergoing fertility treatment to compare the long-used fertility drug clomiphene citrate, commonly called Clomid (the standard for 40 years), to Letrozole, a drug initially developed to prevent recurrence of breast cancer in women.  Their results were recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Clomid was given to 376 women and 72 became pregnant and gave birth.  Letrozole was given to 374 women and 103 gave birth.   The results revealed another desirable endpoint in that Letrozole treatment resulted in fewer twins.


The frequency of twins was approximately 10% in those treated with Clomid and only 3-4% in those treated with Letrozole.  The incidence of twins is one drawback of Clomid use.  There are generic versions of both drugs, which should make some fertility treatments less costly.