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obama urges congress to ban job bias against gays

ObamaExecOrderToday President Obama called on Congress to ban job discrimination against gay Americans as he signed an executive order doing so for workers of federal contractors.  The President took the opportunity point out that Congress has debated such legislation for decades without agreeing to it, and he implored his supporters to raise the temperature on lawmakers even as they have achieved great momentum in the drive to legalize same-sex marriage through much of the nation.  The story can be viewed here (New York Times).

According to Omega Family Global´s Chief Counsel, Frederick Gaston, this is a move in the right direction.  Mr. Gaston pointed out that in California, sexual orientation discrimination has been prohibited for some time in both housing and in employment (see Govt. Code Section 12921 et seq. and 12949 et seq.) Further, insurance coverage for fertility treatment of same sex couples has been signed into law by Governor Brown (See story). What this Federal order might potentially mean in some instances is that same sex couples may have access to insurance to help with infertility treatments outside of California as well.  How might this play out on the federal insurance scene is hard to divine.