Legal Services

Client Interview

The first and most fundamental step is for Omega Family Global to understand the needs of the Intended Parent(s). Omega Family Global wants to make sure it provides the best service, and to do so, it seeks a full comprehension of what the Intended Parents are looking to accomplish. At the initial interview, Omega Family Global will give a quick overview of the different options offered through Omega Family Global and its providers and can help each couple consider which procedures are most suitable for them. During this time Omega Family Global staff will also identify key issues that are usually important to most Intended Parents when entering into Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), such as estimated costs, basic risks, medical and legal protections, and privacy concerns.

Many Intended Parents may not be aware of all of these factors to be considered when they first engage Omega Family Global, so it is important to us that everyone goes into the process with full knowledge and understanding. Finally, Omega Family Global will address any initial questions or concerns and help the Intended Parents transition to the next step in the process. In some cases Omega Family Global can provide financing for ART procedures, surrogates, and legal expenses. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion about your needs.

Representation Agreement

After the Intended Parents find Omega Family Global to be the right agency for their needs, Omega Family Global will enter into a formal representation agreement. Omega Family Global will outline its responsibility to the client, the extent of services provided, and determine a suitable fee structure to accommodate your financial situation.

Omega Family Global is flexible and far-reaching with regard to the extent of its service, and the representation agreement can always be supplemented (changed) during the assisted reproduction process in case any additional service is desired. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion about how Omega Family Global can assist you.