In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

For many Intended Parents undergoing new family creation, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are part of the journey. While these medical procedures might seem complex, Omega Family Global strives to ease the process for Intended Parents by providing educational material for complete understanding.

Omega Family Global’s goal is that all clients are put at ease and they fully understand the procedures involved in creating their new family. One of our founders, Dr. Kyle Kramer, is available to explain these seemingly complex practices. In this section of our site we provide educational material on Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART):

Prior to using assisted reproductive technologies, Intended Parents will likely have been through less invasive and less costly fertility treatments and procedures. More information on these fertility treatments can be accessed in the section entitled infertility information.

This section of the site provides medical information to Intended Parents about assisted reproductive technologies. Other sections of this site address the legal aspects of assisted reproductive technologies and pre-assisted reproductive technologies matters. Omega Family Global presents balanced medical, legal, and social information about assisted reproductive technologies. Omega Family Global strives to have clients fully knowledgeable about their new family creation journey.