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Is there any wait to be matched with Intended Parents?

  • There can be some waiting to be matched, but generally most surrogates will find a match within a few months.
  • Timing also depends on your desire to work with the available intended parents.
  • Omega Family Global wants the match to be right for both IPs and you.

Why should I work with Omega Family Global instead of working alone?

    • We are some of the most experienced in the industry and have the legal expertise.
    • When you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, there is no substitute for the security of knowing an agency has the benefit of working with as many surrogate mothers (>1500)
    • We are real people with real answers to your questions based upon years of experience.
    • Our lawyers are the most experienced in the field. We currently handle over 8% of all surrogacy cases in the United States.
    • We are a full service agency and have or source all the needed components.
    • Our founders include a fertility law expert, and a Doctor of Reproductive Sciences.

Who will be available to help me in the case my Omega Family Global contact is sick or goes on vacation?

  • You will have contact with our Surrogacy Liaison who oversees all our surrogates.
  • In addition, you will have contact with other team members at Omega Family Global.

Are couples medically and psychologically screened?

Yes. Medical and psychological screening is important to our success.

Does Omega Family Global help gay or same-sex couples?

  • Yes, in fact gay couples have been and continue to be a large percentage of our clients
  • Omega Family Global does not discriminate, we are here to help all intended parents.

How am I matched?

  • Omega Family Global will match you to intended parents based upon your desires.   Next Intended Parents will be introduced to you.  Then you will have the choice if you want to work with the selected parents. If not, we will match you with others until a good-fit between your desires and that of the intended parents is found.
  • The final choice about which couple to help will always be yours.

How are financial issues handled?

  • OFG is the administrator of a trust account that is put in place after your contract is signed. Third party escrow companies are also sometimes used.
  • Financial issues between you and your intended parents(s) are managed by Omega Family Global attorneys.
  • Once you are pregnant money will be paid monthly from money placed in escrow.
  • We take away the burden of having to deal with financial issues between you and your couple.
  • You are free to focus on the pregnancy and the relationship with your couple.

How come I need to be screened when I know I want to be a surrogate?

  • Yes, Intended Parents will want to be certain that the surrogate carrying their new family member does not have medical or psychological problems. It is also for your health that physicians are certain being pregnant will not pose a health risk to you. A simple psychological examination will be required in addition to medical screening. The Intended Parents will pay for the cost of these examinations.

What experience do you have with high-risk pregnancies?

  • Omega Family Global´s team has worked with over 2000 surrogates (as of 2014) from start to birth and we have seen some high risk situations.  We have the medical experts to assist with any biological occurrence.  However, be assures your health is the highest priority for all involved with your surrogacy.

How do I know my couple can afford the costs involved?

  • Once an agreement is made with your intended parent(s), money is deposited in escrow before the process begins. This assures you will be paid. OFG holds trust funds sufficient to cover your fees and expenses throughout the pregnancy.

What are the chances of a couple achieving a pregnancy with my help?

  • Over 95% of our couples will ultimately go home with a baby thanks to the wonderful help a surrogate mother.

Is it rationale I want to be a surrogate?

  • Absolutely yes, giving the gift of family of one of the greatest things you can do.  OFG is here to ensure the process goes as planned and all involved enjoy the experience.  Why not help dreams come true?  If you want to become a surrogate contact Dr. Kramer directly drkramer@omegafamilyglobal.com