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How many visits will I have to make to California?

It is ideal that you to come to the United States 1-2 times (for the creation of the embryos at the IVF Clinic and the eventual delivery of the child).  However, in most cases IPs visit more often as they prefer to be more involved with the process.  If you have limitations on your ability to travel to California, please contact us.

How long should I expect to be in the California during and after the delivery?

As a general rule, we advise international intended parents to plan on returning home after 2-4 weeks, to allow ample time for any DNA testing, court proceedings, the issuance of any birth certificates and the application for any visas and/or passports. OFG will guide you through this process.

If your schedule will not permit this, please contact us.

If I don’t live in the United States, how will my child get a passport?

Because of a legal principle known as jus soli, children who are born in the United States are automatically entitled to for U.S.citizenship and U.S. passports, regardless of the citizenship of their intended parents. As a result, most intended parents who pursue surrogacy in the United States are able to return home with their children without first obtaining a passport from their native country.

Nevertheless, some international intended parents may choose to or be required to obtain either passports or temporary visas for their children at a local consulate in the United States in order to return home after the birth. If you have any additional questions about this, you may consult with Omega Family Global´s Chief Counsel, Frederick Gaston.

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