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european human rights court orders france to recognise surrogate-mother children

BabyInMotherArmsOFGTwo French couples that had children via surrogates in the United States challenged the French government that refused to recognize the French citizenship of the children.    The couples took their case to The European Court of Human Rights and won victory (July 9, 2014).

Omega Family Global´s Director of Client Relations, Allie Salinas, had this to say about the news “Omega Family Global has been very lucky in that the steps we have taken to help our French clients have resulted in the successful registration of their children.  However, we understand the struggles of the couples in the article as our clients have shared these same fears. We are very happy that prospective intended parents from Europe will now be able to bring their children home and register them in their home country without issue, giving them that ever so important connection to their parents and their national heritage¨.

It is estimated there are about 2000 children in France that were born to surrogates with French intended parents, in countries where surrogacy is legal.

More details of the story can be found here.