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coming to america – for a surrogate and a baby

PregWomOnBenchOFGThis past three-day long weekend the New York Times posted an interesting article  regarding couples coming to the US in order to create their family via surrogacy.  It touches on how far this industry has come over the last decade – with California notably being the best place in the country (and the world) to do surrogacy.   Omega Family Global knows this story well, as many of it´s clients are from outside the United States.

Quote from Article:

The restrictions in many countries have been a boost for American surrogacy. For overseas couples, the big draw is the knowledge that many states have sophisticated fertility clinics, experienced lawyers, a large pool of egg donors and surrogates, and, especially, established legal precedent.

“We chose the United States because of the certainty of the legal process,” said Paulo, an engineer and scrub nurse. “Surrogacy is very secretive in Portugal. People don’t talk about surrogacy, and it’s hard to get any information. In the United States it is all clear.”