California is the place to be for surrogacy…again

While we do not always prefer to toot our own horns here in California, the following piece regarding the state of surrogacy in Louisiana again proves that California IS the place to be.

Let’s be honest though, for those of us working in the fertility industry, the decision by Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, to veto legal surrogacy in Louisiana actually dodges the hopes of any prospective intended parents, surrogates, and IVF physicians alike located in Louisiana.

But politics are politics, as the Governor stated in his official letter following the veto:

“Despite the good intentions and hard efforts of the author, this legislation still raises concerns for many in the pro-life community,” said Jindal.

Unfortunately, politics has trumped these families.  Omega Family Global is here for those in Louisiana and elsewhere globally.  The full story can be read here.