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Omega Family Global’s reputation for excellence is growing faster than ever! Recently, Frederick Gaston, Esq., one of Omega Family Global’s owners, was interviewed by Self.com to get his professional thoughts on surrogacy. Check it out here. Want to learn more about becoming a Surrogate? Call us at (619) 786-6050.

Avoid Small and Seemingly Cheaper Surrogacy Agencies


-It is important to know who you are dealing with. Allison Layton owned a small surrogacy and egg donation company that stole more than $270,000 from 40 clients, leaving them without a family and minus their funds. When the time comes to chose a surrogacy agency you want to make sure that place is reputable.… Read More »

Best Choice: Surrogates in California


Foreign intended parents seeking surrogates in Thailand have recently been banned due in par to the headline case of “Baby Gammy,” who was born with Down syndrome and abandoned by his intended parents. Surrogacy overseas is not only costly, but it also comes with unknown complications. Choosing a gestational carrier in a legal jurisdiction allows… Read More »

Surrogacy in NY ???


Senator Brad Hoylman is on the path to legalizing compensated surrogacy in New York. This is very important to him and his husband since their daughter came into this world using a surrogate mother. They had to travel to California for the birth, since surrogacy is illegal in New York. It is common and preferred… Read More »

Surrogacy Journey


The pictures taken by Leilani Rogers in the article below shows what an emotional and beautiful thing surrogacy is. It can be seen how this surrogate birth of twins brought happiness and gratitude to everyone in the room. It’s one thing to read about the carrier or parent’s surrogacy journey, but it’s another to be… Read More »

California Again


The following story highlights why California is the best state for surrogacy by showing, again, the difficulty surrounding surrogacy in jurisdictions where commercial surrogacy is not explicitly legal.  Specifically, this is Tennessee, U.S.  As more and more such cases come to light, it is hoped all intended parents will choose a surrogate in a jurisdiction… Read More »

France Makes Gains in Surrogacy, but Still


France continues its attempts to fight history.  Though children born via surrogacy in California to French parents must be recognized in France due to a recent decision by the European Court of Human Rights, the rhetoric continues.  Due to this position, French couples will continue to travel to California where paid surrogacy is explicit legal… Read More »

10 Year Chinese/American Visas


This is truly fantastic news.  Chinese visitors to the U.S. and U.S. visitors to China can now obtain a ten year visa.  A large portion of foreign Intended Parents who travel to work with OFG are from China.  This will make the entire process much more efficient and convenient.  Not only will it help with… Read More »

Military Sister Gives The Gift of Life: Becomes Surrogate


This is a heartwarming story about how one sister helped the other achieve family when it was not biologically feasible.   Alice, sister to Jessica, was born without a uterus, but her and her husband desired to have their own biological children.  Both sisters are in the military.  Through an IVF clinic, Alice and her… Read More »

India Not The Place Anymore


All foreign Intended Parents and especially Australians seeking surrogacy in India are being blocked visas.  This will increase a trend of more and more international and Australian parents coming to the U.S. for legal, safe commercial surrogacy.  India has garnered a reputation for established and relatively inexpensive surrogacy.  However, due to poor oversight and lack… Read More »

thailand surrogacy situation hits global news: preventable conundrum

Previously Omega Family Global has blogged about the ethics and best practices in surrogacy.  We have advised many potential clients to not go abroad for new family creation where laws and best practices are less stringent. This past week has seen many news outlets reporting on the tragic story of the young Thai surrogate and… Read More »

china has a booming illegal underground surrogacy market

Today the New York Times reported on Chinas booming underground surrogacy market.  While surrogacy is not legal in China, and people are limited to one child, a market has cropped up to meet local demand. Interestingly, the reported cost ($240,000) of using this underground system is equal or more to that in California, where it… Read More »

lgbt assisted reproduction options increasing

Fertility issues faced by heterosexual couples embarking on new family creation are similar to those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals (LGBT).  However, this latter group (LGBT) often face additional psychological, social, and legal challenges in becoming parents. A recent interview with a fertility physician and reproductive biologist, appearing in LGBT Health, is a comprehensive… Read More »

shady surrogacy agencies exist, intended parents beware!!


Yesterday the New York Times carried a story about a Mexican surrogacy agency that took intended parents money, but failed to deliver on it promises. Many points illustrated in the story are vital for all intended parents.  First, if you are looking to save costs, think long and hard about going outside of California or the United… Read More »

researchers find new fertility drug more effective than the standard used for past 40 years

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Researchers from seven different academic centers recruited 750 couples undergoing fertility treatment to compare the long-used fertility drug clomiphene citrate, commonly called Clomid (the standard for 40 years), to Letrozole, a drug initially developed to prevent recurrence of breast cancer in women.  Their results were recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Clomid was… Read More »

regulators mull safety concerns over three party ivf


Mitochondria are cellular organelles responsible for producing energy.  They contain a circular piece of DNA, and are inherited only from the mother.  Some people have diseases of the mitochondria.  For this reason, three-party IVF has been proposed where the intended parents use an egg (oocyte), minus the nucleus, from another woman to avoid transferring mitochondrial… Read More »

new technique for selecting stronger embryos


Fertility clinics often transfer two or more embryos into the uterus of a surrogate or intended mother with the hope that at least one will implant and turn into a viable pregnancy. This practice can also be cost effective, reducing the potential need for additional costly and painful procedures. Though there are benefits to transferring multiple embryos, if… Read More »

ivf possibly even safer with use of kisspeptin

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Results of a recent study using Kisspeptin, instead of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), have shown success in stimulating oocyte (egg) development in women undergoing fertility treatment.  The potential advantage of this new hormonal treatment is that a small number of women (1-2%) treated with hCG experience ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which in rare cases can… Read More »

obama urges congress to ban job bias against gays


Today President Obama called on Congress to ban job discrimination against gay Americans as he signed an executive order doing so for workers of federal contractors.  The President took the opportunity point out that Congress has debated such legislation for decades without agreeing to it, and he implored his supporters to raise the temperature on… Read More »

calif. health insurers must cover fertility treatments for gay couples


This is a fascinating story  with a potentially huge impact for same sex couples in California entitled Calif. Health Insurers Must Cover Fertility Treatments for Gay Couples. Here is a link to the law itself. (AB460.pdf) The costs associated with fertility treatments has long been a barrier to folks desiring to start a family. This… Read More »

coming to america – for a surrogate and a baby

This past three-day long weekend the New York Times posted an interesting article  regarding couples coming to the US in order to create their family via surrogacy.  It touches on how far this industry has come over the last decade – with California notably being the best place in the country (and the world) to do… Read More »

no link between fertility drugs and breast, ovarian and uterine cancers

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Many women undergoing fertility treatments have concern that these extra doses of hormones might set the stage for future health risks such as cancer.   Results of a 30-year study addressing this very topic were presented at the annual meeting of the the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.  Study authors reported There is “little evidence” that… Read More »

three parent ivf: should we be scared ???


The media have termed the use of cytoplasmic material from another party in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Three Parent IVF.  The rationale for using cytoplasmic material from a third party (egg) is to obtain the mitochondria.  Some Intended Parents cannot have children or want to have children due to inherited mitochondrial diseases.  This technique brings hope… Read More »

gay fathers in texas denied parenthood


A recent article in the Huffington Post describing the perils of a gay couple underscores the importance of good legal advice prior to embarking on new family creation.  This situation would not have happened were these intended parents working with a surrogate in California. They were denied being the parents of their own biological children… Read More »

huffington post article – why is egg donation not regulated?

In a “fluff” piece by the Huffington Post, we get the sense that the coverage should actually be called, “Why are egg donation agencies not regulated? “ After reviewing the piece and listening to the stories, it appears that the coverage should focus more on the physicians who are medically treating the egg donors and not the… Read More »

california is the place to be for surrogacy…again

While we do not always prefer to toot our own horns here in California, the following piece regarding the state of surrogacy in Louisiana again proves that California IS the place to be. Let’s be honest though, for those of us working in the fertility industry, the decision by Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, to veto legal surrogacy in Louisiana… Read More »

chr claims flawed national ivf outcomes by cdc and sart

Omega Family Global realizes flawed reporting of fertility success rates can occur.  For this reason, we work with only trusted and known fertility clinics. Those of us in the fertility industry have known for some time how inconsistent the reporting of national IVF outcomes by clinics has been over the years.  With many patients relying on this… Read More »

fertility after chemo – what can be done for women?

Just because I (Frederick Gaston, Lead Counsel and Founder) practice law does not mean that I am not forever fascinated by the medical aspects of Assisted Reproduction. So, what if women did not have to resort to assisted reproduction after chemo? It looks like “freezing” their ovaries may provide women and their families other options. According to NBC News,… Read More »

ivf and infertility by the numbers

Assisted Reproductive Technology Use on the Rise Great article from Forbes contributor, David Sable below. Apparently, he is not a fan of IVF or the numbers…thoughts? As investors we “do the math.” In observance of National Infertility Awareness Week (NAIW), a little IVF math: The latest Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology annual report shows 61,740 babies were born from… Read More »

indian surrogate mothers and their families´ support

We found a short but powerful article related to Indian surrogate mothers and their relation with their own biological families. In America much of this type of decision-making depends on family values; but in the end, the decision usually is seen as an individual one. For intended parents, it is very important to reach the… Read More »

is surrogacy an answer for chinese couples wanting to have a baby?

We found an interesting article about Chinese couples looking for surrogacy. The article addresses many questions about health, culture and law. It is very important to understand that the decision to use a surrogate involves both, sentimental and emotional issues that intended parents need consider. It is also clear that surrogacy could be the right… Read More »