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Surrogates Omega Family Global is possibly the most experienced firm in managing the legal aspects of surrogate use.  In 2013 alone, Omega Family Global worked with more than 200 Intended Parents and their surrogates.  California is the globally perferred location for using a surrogate for family completion due to its laws.  Why not have Omega Family Global find and manage a surrogate for you?  Please contact us for more information about using a surrogate.  As a courtesy, we provide information on surrogate use in this section of our site. If you want to help Intended Parents and be a surrogate, please read this.
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Egg Donation

To assist Intended Parents with family completion, Omega Family Global can source egg donors though our partner agencies.  Remove your worries and let OFG arrange for egg donation.  If you have any questions about egg donation, please contact Omega Family Global. If you are interested in being an egg donor, please read this section and contact us at Egg Donation, Rationale, Types and Success Rates Egg donation is the process in which a woman provides one or more eggs (also called ova, singular, or oocytes, plural) for purposes of assisted reproduction or biomedical research. These eggs are harvested from the woman.
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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

For many Intended Parents undergoing new family creation, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are part of the journey. While these medical procedures might seem complex, Omega Family Global strives to ease the process for intended parents by providing educational material for complete understanding. Omega Family Global’s goal is that all clients are put at ease and they fully understand the procedures involved in creating their new family. In this section of our site we provide educational material on Assisted Reproductive Technologies. If you have any questions, please contact us. Assisted Reproductive Technology Prior to using assisted reproductive technologies, intended parents will likely.
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Avoid Small and Seemingly Cheaper Surrogacy Agencies

It is important to know who you are dealing with. Allison Layton owned a small surrogacy and egg donation company that stole more than $270,000 from 40 clients, leaving them without a family and minus their funds. When the time comes to chose a surrogacy agency you want to make sure that place is reputable. This checklist can help: • How many clients have they helped and what is their success rate? • What services do they provide and what is included in their fees? • How does the agency handle insurance coverage and financial obligations? • How do they.
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Omega Family Global in the news!

Omega Family Global’s reputation for excellence is growing faster than ever! Recently, Frederick Gaston, Esq., one of Omega Family Global’s owners, was interviewed by to get his professional thoughts on surrogacy. Check it out here. Want to learn more about becoming a Surrogate? Call us at (619) 786-6050.
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