Dr. Kyle Kramer / 创始人 克莱默博士

University of Missouri Columbia: Ph.D., Reproductive Biology, Molecular Endocrinology; MBA, Strategy, General Management
密苏里大学克伦比亚分校博士,主修生殖生物学,分子内分 泌学; 战略,综合管理工商管理硕士。
University of Kansas School of Medicine: Fellowship, Pharmacology Toxicology
Former Harvard Medical School faculty member and FDA Consultant

Prior to Omega Family Global formation, Dr. Kramer, spent 18 years building companies and meeting client demands. His experience in international work, background in serving clients needs, combined with graduate education in reproductive biology, compliment the legal expertise of Mr. Gaston. Dr. Kramer holds both a Masters and Doctorate degree in reproductive biology.

His Master’s thesis focused on ovarian function and follicular development. His Doctorate dissertation focused on maternal recognition of pregnancy, and was conducted under the tutelage of a National Academy of Sciences member.

While in academia, Dr. Kramer published a number of peer-reviewed papers on topics of reproductive biology. He has also co-authored three book chapters on maternal recognition of pregnancy and presented at both national and international conferences on reproductive biology. He also was on faculty at Harvard Medical School and holds a Masters of Business Administration.

Today, Dr. Kramer directs and manages all aspects of intended parents use of fertility services, medical information, and general management of Omega Family Global.